To make a difference, we are offering our own developed electronic gadgets under the Brand Name ‘Anova”. Our productions are now being made in China. However, we are working nonstop to transition our manufacturing operations to Bangladesh as soon as conceivable.

Anova headphones are currently available on the market, designed and developed by Forefront. Many more Anova-branded items, such as power banks, Bluetooth speakers, adapters, and cables, will be available in the near future. There will be Anova-branded smartphones in the future as well.

With Anova, we want to establish an international movement utilizing our in-house design and development team, as well as manufacturing in our own nation. We desire to see Anova-branded electrical and cellular devices compete with large brands on a worldwide basis. We’re working quietly to optimize the process.

Anova itself made the most astute expansion to the market of electronics and specialized in Mobile accessories. Aiming to become the best brand in the market of electronics gadgets, Anova offers a wide range of international quality gadget solutions by touching each and every fragment of the market. Products of Anova are selected in a way to ensure the best possible manufacturing reputations, wildest durability, and satisfactory price range for the customers. Presently Anova has accumulated a wide run of palatable client fulfillment from the beginning of its travel. As the future unfolds, Anova will play a pivotal role in shifting gadget usage throughout each segment of the generation. Anova dreams will take the country and the world electronics gadget years Leo.