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There is a severe scarcity of original devices in our country. In the market, there are more copycat items than real ones. People are sometimes hesitant to buy their desired electronics here because there are so few reliable stores selling genuine goods. Furthermore, the supply is more limited than the demand.

Authentika, a concern of Forefront, is the home of authentic global brand gadgets. We deliver genuine devices into the hands of our clientele. Our goal is to give our users the appropriate experiences for which they are paying.

We are currently importing gadgets and products from worldwide giants such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Oneplus, and others, and are trying to expand our already large range with Authentika, our customers will never have to worry before buying another gadget anymore; this is the vision we’re aiming for

Authentika revealed itself within the advertising as a supplier of world lesson gadgets from the famous brands all over the world. A really modern expansion to the electronics giving industry but the effect is tremendous within the showcase within the brief run. Authentika endeavors to offer the best conceivable advertising – counting different brands, competitive cost, offers/discounts with adaptable installment alternatives, and broad client benefit and guarantee commitments through the e-commerce stage and commerce to trade stage. As the consideration goes on, we have propelled our exceptionally, to begin with, brand shop in Chittagong last month and pointing to set up our brand shop in each imperative places in all through the prime cities all over Bangladesh in an awfully close future.